Top 10 ways to reduce your pet ownership costs

Through having a dog ourselves we are aware that while pets are amazing companions there are quite a few costs involved. With the help of some of our followers we have compiled a list of ways to reduce ownership costs. Here are our top tips!

1. Pet Insurance

Consider whether insurance is worthwhile, if you could afford unexpected vets bills it may be better to save/ invest the money you would have been spending on premiums instead. From a little research online a typical insurance premium for a dog seems to be £25 a month, if this monthly premium was invested for 10 years with 5% compound interest the final balance would be almost £3900!

2. Pet Food

As this is an ongoing expense getting good quality food as cheaply as possible is key, if after shopping around any small saving per bag/tin you achieve will add up! We buy this food in large 16.5kg bags through amazon:

3. Medication

Pet Drugs Online offer good value medication, for certain medication you will need your vets to supply a prescription. Again if your pet is on regular medication any small saving each time will add up!

4. Walking/Care

Consider ways of avoiding use or reducing the use of paid walkers/carers. For example when our dog was a puppy my wife and I were able to alternate who came home from work at lunchtime each day to let the dog out. Friends or neighbours may also enjoy helping out and there are also sites which enable you to get help with dog walking too such as borrow my doggie.

5. Boarding Kennels

Reducing  the use of these by either tailoring your lifestyle so your pet can be with you more of the time or finding friends/ relatives who can look after your pet for you could save you a fortune!

6. Toys

It sometime seems the least expensive toys are the most interesting to pets! Our dog is very keen on empty plastic bottles, adding small amounts of dog food into these for her to try and get out makes them more interesting still! Another toy which has been very popular too has been her Kong; it can be used in lots of different ways but we often freeze it full of food and the give it to our dog when she is left at home on her own.

7. Grooming

If you can buy the equipment and groom your pet yourself this may well save you money in the long term. We haven’t used one ourselves but one of our friends is very impressed by the following animal grooming tool.

8. Annual Vaccinations

Stay up to date with these so you only pay for a booster each year, you also avoid additional risk of illness.

9. Home damage

Reduce the risk of expensive damage to your home by trying to contain your pet in one robust area of your house when unattended, consider buying a crate to put your dog in overnight, our dog loved hers when she was a puppy often choosing to lie in there during the day.

10. Treats

Use basic food/leftovers as treats, our dog loves cheap cheese and gammon rind!

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