3 easy steps to get an iPhone for £19/month with no upfront cost!

Note: As of Feb 2021 the Quidco new member sign up bonus in step 1 reduced to £5

After searching around the various offers sites and direct with mobile phone providers the number of ways of buying a new phone contract were tremendous. After quite a few hours making sure I got a great deal I decided on a route which I would like to share:

Step 1. Sign up to Quidco by clicking on the Quidco logo below (this enables you to get £10 cashback when you make your 1st purchase)

Step 2. From your Quidco account search for and follow the link to Metrofone – cookies tracking mean you get £24 cashback from Quidco when you sign up to a Metrofone contract

Step 3.  Through Metrofone the iPhone 6s plus is available on a £31/month contract (24 month contract, no upfront cost, unlimited calls/texts, 20GB/mo data) but you get cashback by submitting bills

Step 4. Result is:
£31/month -> £21/month(with Metrofone deal) -> £19/month(with Quidco cashback)

Even if this phone is not available by the time you renew I am sure there will be something equally good ensuring you get the phone you’d like at a great price!

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