Fed up with slow internet? Try this…

After moving to a village location I found a great alternative to slow internet through the copper phone line.

Vodafone sell what is known as mobile wifi (Mifi) – wifi through the mobile phone network! We achieve speeds which are much greater than those predicted through the copper phone line – a big benefit being that my wife and I are able to watch films on Netflix, something we wouldn’t have been able to do at the lower speed.

Other considerations:

  • data usage allowance:
    • consider how much data you need before signing up (your current broadband supplier should be able to tell you how much you’ve been using)
    • get family members with good data availability through their mobile contract to use that instead
    • consider turning down Netflix streaming quality down to standard definition
    • you can buy extra bundled data; £20 for 15GB in any months that you need it
    • important: set a data CAP in the “services and extras” tab on your Mifi account to prevent high overuse charges
  • coverage/ speed check:
    • Vodafone have a coverage checking tool on their website
    • a good way of getting an idea of the speed you would get would be to ask a friend with a Vodafone mobile to complete a download speed check whilst at your home
    • if you are not happy with the performance you could return the Mifi box and cancel the contract within the cancellation period

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