A £10 cashback deal

5 simple steps

  1. Sign-up to Quidco here
  2. Browse over 4,500 retailers (inc Millets and Cotswold Outdoor)
  3. Complete a purchase of £10+ with any retailer
  4. Earn a new member bonus of £10 cashback
  5. Withdraw to your bank, PayPal or as gift vouchers

For those who are unaware Quidco is a cashback site here is a diagram showing how it works:

You can now get cashback from lots of everyday companies by using Quidco in this way example retailers are as follows:

Example usage: 3 easy steps to get an iPhone for £19/month with no upfront cost!

Quidco cashback reminder tool (google chrome only): Quidco have recently launched a tool which once downloaded reminds you whilst browsing the internet as to which pages cashback is available. I tried it and whilst being subtle and making little difference to the browsing experience is a great way of making sure you avoid missing out on cashback opportunities! To go to the download page simply click on the logo below (google chrome only):

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