Hello and welcome to my blog, “Finding The Edge”

Firstly a bit about me, I am 36, married, have lots of hobbies- tennis, cycling, swimming to name just a few. When sorting out what my wife and I refer to as “life-admin” jobs (choosing a bank account, kitchen deal, mobile phone contract…) I recognise the amount of time it takes to get a good deal. I  appreciate that whilst everyone is short of time they also love to get a good deal.

The idea of this page is to document those occasions when something has worked out really well for me for others to learn about. I know that I value a good recommendation and hope you will too. The name “Finding the Edge” hints at the time it takes to get the best deal possible and is also a play of words on my surname.

Please enjoy reading about my key finds, and come back regularly to make sure you keep up to date on my latest deals! Equally if you achieve a “life-admin” success which you are happy for me to publish please complete the feedback form!

James Edge